I started the journey in music and sound in the 90’s, Mexico City. I spent the first half of the decade “hidding” behind a drum set, and the other half learning the ins and outs of PA consoles and getting a taste of the live in a recording studio. In 1999 I moved to NYC and, after a few years of recording and mixing, I became interested in mastering. So in 2004 Masterhead Lab Mastering was born inside the studios of Razorhead Music. Since then I’ve been fortunate of having participated in numerous award-winning projects. Two of them are LATIN GRAMMY-winning records: Raúl Jaurena «Te amo Tango» (Best Tango Record), and Jaramar y el Cuarteto Latinoamericano «El Hilo Invisible» (Best Classical Record), in 2007 and 2016 respectively. Currently all analog mastering sessions happen in the Mexican Caribbean.

Please reach out so I we can chat about your project.

Luis F. Herrera & Masterhead Lab, featured in Sound:Check Magazine!