Excellent gear designed for mastering, objectivity, and utmost respect for the music has defined how we’ve approached our work flow for more than 15 years. We have been working in the most diverse of music genres, from rock to folklore, jazz, classical, EDM, pop. Rest assure your project will be pampered and treated with the care it deserves.

For the most part, our mastering sessions are done with just the stereo mix, but one of our favorite things to do is to work with stems tracks (a.k.a sub-mixes). Working with stems gives us the opportunity to dive a little deeper into the mix and make adjustments with greater detail. It’s true that it takes a little longer to work a track using stems, but it’s totally worth it. This is because it’s practically impossible to get that amount fine tuning with just the full mix. It’s a great solution for when access to the mixing session is not possible for whatever reason.

Once we’re done with the tracks, you will receive a version of the master for CD duplication and a different one for streaming services -according to specs. If you’re like me and want to go old school, we can help you getting a master for vinyl or cassette tape as well. For CD duplication we can generate a DDP file, which is much better than creating a master CD.

This is a partial list of the artists and producers that have trusted us their projects through out the years:

La Orquesta Moderna
Orquesta Típica de la Ciudad de México
Eugenia León
Cecilia Toussaint
Avishai Cohen
Jean Baptiste Boclé
Lee Gagnon
Santa Sabina
Alejandro Fernandez
Betsy Pecannins
Jaramar & El Cuarteto Latinoamericano
Orquesta de Cámara de Bellas Artes
Alondra de la Parra
Ariel Guzik
Juan Carlos Laguna
Juan Sosa Rosell
Valeria Palomino
Cuarteto Mexicano de Guitarras
Pasatono Orquesta Mexicana
Rosino Serrano
Edmar Castañeda
Claire Cushman
Anastasia on Broadway
The Klezmatics
Dora the Explorer
Om Shalom Trio
A Love Electric
Nick Turner
Andi Pomato
Silvano Setina
Hant Caai
Fernando Moura
David Furniss
Tender Throated Rabbit
Flora Pasquet
Pitayo Music
Bronson Orquesta
Los Bronces
Ari Brickman
Cráneo de Jade

Jarana Beat
Hebe Rosell
Hernán Hetch
I Can Chase Dragons
Estudio 13
Aaron Flores
Surfistas del Sistema
Todd Closer
Paul Kang
Alias Kid
New Lines
InFlame (Feat. Snehasish Mozumder)
Canut Reyes
Carlo Nicolau
Raúl Jaurena
Felipe Souza
The Blue Dahlia
Mónica Abrego
Bilingual Birdies
René Torres/Ranarex
Frédérick Hachondo
San Pascualito Rey
Monte Grande
Luis García
Jaime Botello García
Pablo Reyes
Aaron Flores
Joe dÉtienne Big Band
Eli Moya
Pepe Ortega
Gian-Carla Tisera
Sounds Of Quiroga
Nana Pancha
Icautli Cortés
Tonio Ruiz
Jean Loup

Lala Martínez
Daniel Imaña
Pablo Arraya
Lucía Pulido
La China Sonidera
Playa Magenta
Sierra León
Veronica Valerio
Aire Nuevo
La China Sonidera
Juan Villoro
Diego Herrera
Los Aguas Aguas
Gregorio Uribe
Mula de Sietes
Barrio Chachin
Marc Em
Middle Waters
Isabel Zuleta
Hans Mues
Natalia Marroquín
Cuidadano Cero
Guillermo Briseño
Julie Bonk
Nath Bravo
Bolina sin Parné
Rausys Blues
ByT Band
Códigos Postales
La Cumbiamba eNeYe
Tepeyolohtli & Rudyck Vidal
Marilyn Castillo
Flor Bromley
Fat Mojo
Nohé y sus Santos
Bill O’Connell Trio
Mariachi Charanda